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Careers & Opportunities.

I love meeting talented new people. Our work demands a wide and varied skillset, with people who bring a variety of skills to the team.

General Opportunities.

No more "5 years experience in...". Recruitment isn't a checkbox exercise or a game of probabilities for us.

New Talent

Not everyone has had the opportunity to build a portfolio that reflects their abilities or ambition. This shouldn't be seen as a barrier to you applying. After all, we all have to start somewhere. If you're applying as someone starting with little to no portfolio experience, you should justify why you think working and learning with us would help you.

We don't do unpaid internships, or work experience opportunities. No labour -- no matter how unskilled -- is valueless. It is, however, important that learning -- both self-motivated and guided -- sits at the front and center of your work with us. To ensure this, any application you send us should be clear about what you want to learn, why you want to learn it and where you see that fitting into your work with us.

In some cases, it'll be skills we don't have and can't teach you, but that through working with our clients you'll be able to enhance and improve.

I love designing and developing. We get to create something that didn't exist before and that's pretty cool. Building on the scale we build, small and medium scale developments for startups and NGOs, requires more than just an ability to draw wire-frames and flesh out a front-end and back-end. It starts with understanding our clients, understanding their needs, and offering appropriate solutions. That's not a skill that's learnt with "5 years of AWS experience".

There are no fixed criteria for applying to work with us, no requirement to "send a CV of at most 2 pages", or "a portfolio of past projects". Instead, you should think of us as clients. Clients are rarely wowed by a CV, or a portfolio alone. They need to be heard. Your application should reflect this; why do we need you?

Answering this question isn't about denting your self-confidence, throwing you off balance, or even reinventing the application process. Your answer will probably still consist of portfolio pieces and details of past experience -- simply think of it as more holistic. "I built this tool, on AWS and React, that does Y" will be far more compelling than "3 years react, 4 years AWS, Built tool that does Y". Connect the dots.

Specific Opportunities.

Everyone who contacts us about General Opportunities will be kept in mind when specific opportunities arise. Below are our current open roles and current talent needs. If you can't see anything then we don't currently have specific opportunities.

[email protected]

Whether you're applying for a specific opportunity, or for a general opportunity, send us an email. Please don't send big attachments or source code.