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Green's RPG

Green's RPG is a roleplay game creation and hosting platform for GMs who use Monte Cook's Cypher Core Rulebook to create games.

The Details.

I've always loved storytelling, whether it's books, films, or games. Green's RPG is a platform I built for the creation and hosting of Roleplay Games, similar to D&D.

More About The Stack

Green's RPG uses Svelte.JS as a frontend framework alternative to React.JS. Svelte is our preferred development framework as we follow a totally decoupled approach to writing frontend and backend code.

More over, svelte doesn't carry any bloat to the frontend, favouring precision injection over virtual and shadow DOMs. As a result, Green's RPG is fast but also super maintainable.

With Strapi providing a Content Management System for the backend that is easy to use, highly extensible and capable of representing the complex map data structures we use to render visual elements on the frontend.

March 2020, the world enters lockdown, and in the immediate aftermath with little to nothing to do, I started writing a new campaign.

Cascada, a sci-fi game about the crew of a crashed ship attempting to escape a backwater world proved difficult to host. So I built a digital platform to host it. A python flask server cut with a shoddy Material UI bootstrap HTML interface, all accessed locally via an ngrok route.

Simply put, it was jury-rigging at its finest. But, Cascada showed that there was a great pseudo-space for storytelling in building online platforms. My next campaign, hosted in January of 2021, The Devil's Punchbowl, would also help launch a new platform.

Green's RPG 1.0 was a svelte.js, express.js, and websockets mix, with the content and data hardcoded into json5 files. However, with a slicker user interface, and more visual driven elements such as maps, health bars and character graphics, 1.0 was much better than its Cascada forebearer.

Now Green's RPG boasts a fully integrated CMS system and custom theming tools so that not only is the content easier to control, but the appearance and style of the interface fits the theme of the campaign.

For GMs.

Green's RPG is not open source, and not licenced. To use Green's RPG please contact [email protected] to get added to the internal CMS.