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App Development

Apps put you on one of the most personal devices a user owns - their phone. Making good on that trust is more than just clever code.

Beyond Web.

A mobile isn't suitable for every service but sometimes it's the only way to get the job done right.

Users don't like downloading apps. That's the simple stats. Those stats though hide a more nuanced picture of web versus apps. What users don't like is clutter. A dozen apps to achieve something that could be done with one web browser and several sites.

Sometimes though, websites aren't enough. Bluetooth, location services, NFC, Camera, and a variety of other sensors and services which are not always reliably accessible to a mobile website.

More than that, once you break through the initial barrier of getting a user to download your app, retention becomes much easier - if your user experience is good.

That's where good app development comes in. Your app shouldn't just be a verbatim copy of your website. It should make use of the device it's on. Leverage the speed, style, and experience of being on the device, rather than on the web.

Let us help you with a native-first approach to design and development.

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Apps require a unique tailored development specific to you and your user's needs. Get in touch and find out how we can provide a tailored development service.